Dew Puff Sponge

Konjac face cleansing sponges have been all the rage for a while now, but we really resisted the trend. How special can a sponge really be? We stumbled across this $8 little konjac wonder and decided to give her a spin. Truth be told: she's pretty ALIEN but also pretty dope. 

Konjac is a root vegetable similar to a yam that's found mostly in Asia. Konjac sponges are hard and brittle when dry, but as soon as you submerge them in water, they take on an alien, jelly-like texture. You'll be like: "Eww..OOooooOOOh!" 

Sponges made out of this stuff are praised for their gentle exfoliating properties. Frankly, this isn't a super scrubby sponge, but it really does help lift off all your makeup and get your cleanser foamy. It's like a gentle jelly washcloth!

Dew Puff also offers konjac sponges infused with charcoal and clay for problem skin types. It might be a gimmick, but since the charcoal and clay versions are the same price as the regular, we'll probably give those ones a try too. 

Are you a konjac lover? Tell us why you love your alien jelly washcloth in the comments! 

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