Wahhh?!? Is January almost over?!? Astrologists predicted this year would fly by faster than ever before and you know what?  They are right—which means it's time to hunker down and commit to our goals for 2017.  

I am outlining my goals using this amazing Dreambook and Planner my mom gifted me for Christmas (thank you, mama!). It is so much more than a calendar, people. 

Beyond beautiful weekly and monthly layouts, this calendar offers ritual practices, mind-mapping exercises, visioning, and journaling space. The mission? To help you commit to your personal growth day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month. I find it helps me to think outside of my own mental box. It asks questions I might otherwise forget and also narrows my focus so I am more connected to my personal goals (and more likely to accomplish them!).

I captured the above pictures so you can get a sense of the layout. The Dreambook offers a weekly "Rituals for Living Challenge" and prompts you to list your top three goals for the week. This helps me hone in on my short-term vision. At the beginning of every day, there is space to set your intention. By day's end, there is space to reflect on what you are grateful for. I suppose more than anything, I love the rhythm of this calendar. It encourages me to plan, visualize, and execute purposefully while also keeping me accountable and on track.

The Dreambook asks you to consider your One Year, Three Year, Ten Year, and Lifetime Goals, too. At first, I was totally overwhelmed. But as I journaled and made notes, I recognized I absolutely have a sense of where I want to be one year from now, even ten years from now. Visualizing those goals, truly seeing them in my mind's eye, is the first step in manifesting my destiny. In order for the Universe to set those goals into motion, I have to acknowledge them first! Such a "Duh!" moment but so, so hard to remember to actualize.

If you love a solid calendar like I do, and are simultaneously looking for a kick-ass process for goal-setting, I highly recommend this book.

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