Crispy, soft, savory, vegetarian balls of goodness. We're talking about falafel! A good falafel sandwich is something that just can't be beaten. So when we popped into Dune in Atwater Village for a taste of their lauded chickpea fritters, we came with high expectations. Holy hummus, Batman! This sh*t is GOOD. REAL GOOD. Perfectly light, herby, and crispy, Dune's falafel is dare we say it--the best we've had here in the City of Angels. Order it as a sandwich and you get it with hummus, pickles, cabbage salad, tahini, and shoestring potatoes all wrapped up in gloriously fluffy homemade pita. Get it as a plate and you get tons of hummus, pickles, olives, and fresh greens with lots of warm pita on the side. 

Don't miss the homemade amba (pickled mango chutney) or s’rug (fresh chile and cilantro salsa). And definitely order the homemade chai for a sweet spiced treat.

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