1) My Name is Yeh:

We have a serious food and friend crush on Molly Yeh and her vibrantly funny and delicious food blog, My Name is Yeh. Molly, can we hang? 

2) Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth:

Currently on our bedside tables, this thin volume of poems by powerhouse Somali-British poet (and Beyonce's newest muse), Warsan Shire. 

3) Chelsey Kantor Ocean Pebble Rings:

These gloriously shiny stacking bands are THE BEST. Chelsey designed these babies just for us and we couldn't be more jazzed. 

4) Outdoor Voices Springs Leggings:

What better way to get motivated than to get moving with a hot pair of booty-flattering leggings? 

5) The New Yorker's Why Dating is Drudgery:

An interesting piece about the troubling history of dating and how to make its present as empowering as possible for young women.  

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