Our tour through Scotland left us with many feelings, "TAKE US BACK!" being the essential one.  Since we aren't going back just yet, we decided the next best thing was to bring home a bottle of our favorite whisky.  Now we can reminisce and share stories about our trip over a dram, which is very Scottish of us indeed.


I have a special place in my heart for this whisky; we toured the distillery while we were visiting Scotland's west coast.  As soon as you step through the main doors you can smell the malt wafting through the air.  Oban whisky has a distinctly salty flavor, perhaps because it is distilled right by the ocean.  It is exceptionally smooth, bearing notes of citrus and a peatiness (smokiness) typical to the Highlands.  The distillery remains one of the smallest in the country with only two copper stills.  I add a few drops of water to my dram which helps to open up the flavors. 

- Celene


I became a total whisky fiend while we were in Scotland, passing up my usual g&t or red wine for a neat dram of Scotch. While we were in the highlands, I fell hard for Talisker, since it was local to the Isle of Skye--a place that I loved intensely. But towards the end of our trip, I started sipping Laphroaig-- an excellent substitute that's very easy to find in the States. Laphroaig is super peaty, richly flavored, and almost a little nutty. Arguably among the smokiest of Scotch whiskies, Laphroaig has a bonfire quality that I love. You might also pick up on notes of seaweed and vanilla. I like my whisky neat without water or ice; though truthfully, that choice is more about my tough girl ego than the taste. 

- Annie

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