"My boyfriend bought me this typewriter for my birthday years ago when we first started dating. It was an important gift then and it remains important to me because it's a symbol of his support of my writing. He's always encouraged me to take time to live in my creative world even when it means I'm not the most accessible partner. It sits on my shelf in my office as a reminder that the one I love accepts even the impenetrable corners of my brain that only appear on the page."


“Hardly anything I own is as dear to my heart as my old friend, Bunny. People often assume that I've had Bunny in my bed for my entire life and often remark about how good of condition he's in. Although he was my very first stuffed animal (given to me by my late uncle), it wasn't until midway through college that I rediscovered him in a box and decided to reinstate our relationship. Since then, he's been by my side—from college on the east coast to movie nights and sleepovers and now back in LA where his really dope cloud onesie keeps him overly warm. Fun fact: I have a matching set. Looking back, I never thought I'd be one to hold on so dearly to a childhood toy—and indeed I didn't start until I was 20—but Bunny has taught me that it's never the wrong time to find a little comfort (or clutch it closely all night long).”


"I’ve been lucky enough to inherit some beautiful instruments from my family: a concertina from my great-grandma Orpha, a baby grand piano from my grandma Patricia, and a classical Hagstrom guitar from my father, Ed. Recently, we enlisted the help of our good friend and guitar tech Bill Dawson to fix the many broken braces and wonky bridge of the ol’ Hagstrom, which isn’t easy work. On its many trips to and from humid, hot Bali, this guitar has fallen apart enough times to render anything unplayable. But, like my father himself, the Hagstrom is resilient and metamorphic. After Bill’s tender, lovin’ care, it plays with more resonance than ever before. When I strum over its sweet rose window soundhole and sing, I can feel my father singing through me."


“I got Peter as a gift from Aunt Arlene on my first birthday, which at the time he was bigger than I was. Being an only child, Peter was like my sibling growing up, traveling with me everywhere I went. He was my little companion, and he still stays on my bed and gets the occasional cuddling session if I’m not having a good night's sleep.”


"When I graduated from High School, my Dad gifted me this gold ring he had been wearing on his hand for many years.  I remember we were together at home and a quietness had settled in after all of the festivities.  He slipped it off of his finger and handed it to me. It was a simple from me-to-you.  I wear it everyday, to carry my Dad with me wherever I go."


"This cane is a treasure to me because it belonged to my Papou."

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