1)  Coyote Negro: Silver Thumb Ring

We're always on the search for jewelry that's just a bit unusual. We love how this silver ring molds to the natural shape of the thumb. And since our thumbs are about the only digits left on our hands unadorned, it makes a perfect addition to our menagerie.  

2)  Netflix: Cooked

Michael Pollan at this point is basically our food guru. His new documentary series on Netflix is very much in the vein of his other work, exploring the evolution of eating and how other cultures nourish themselves. Among other things, the series inspired us to take up bread baking and eat more cheese (shocking, we know!) 

3)  The New Yorker: The Secret Formula for Resilience

We're lucky to have people in our lives who demonstrate unbelievable resilience in the face of hardship. This psychological deep-dive into what gives some more grit than others serves as an inspiring reminder of the importance of perspective and inner fortitude. A new mantra: “Events are not traumatic until we experience them as traumatic."  

4)  Sephora: Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink

This sheer balm has been a cult beauty favorite for ever, and while we are late hopping on the train, MY GOD THIS TRAIN.  Formulated with color revival technology (or magic, we don't care), this moisturizing balm turns a custom rosy pink to complement your natural glow.  Luscious lips, check.

5)  Madewell: Spring Sandals

We are die-hard Madewell fans.  They usually get every season right because...well basics are basics and we love us some black, white, and denim slightly reimagined every few months.  But their spring collection is ah-mah-zing, particularly the summer sandals.  We gave a few pairs a test in store and found the leather soft, comfortable, and definitely all day wearable.  Plus, they are having a spring sale!  

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