Lemon Meringue

A few weeks ago I shared my aunt's trippy 70s-inspired jello cake recipe.  This week, I tackled the beast that is a lemon meringue pie.  And my Auntie Wendy nailed it again!

I remember being a teeny-tiny tot, staring up at her meringue.  It felt sky-scraper tall.  I remember poking into it, watching my finger disappear, expecting the whole thing to burst.  But it didn't.  It stayed upright, reaching for the heavens with its perfect little point.  This time around, that's what I aimed to live up to.  All in all, I am highly satisfied.  The filling is aromatic and tart, the crust ever flakey, and the meringue gently sweet.  

Lemon Meringue Pie

Now, get prepared because lemon meringue is labor intensive.  You've got to make three separate things (pie crust, filling, and meringue).  But it is totally worth it!

First things first, make your pie crust a day ahead.  I always go for this boozy pie crust recipe.

Next, move onto the filling and meringue!  For the meringue I opted to double the recipe for some serious height.

Filling Ingredients

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup Corn Starch
  • 3/4 cold water
  • 1 cup lemon juice
  • 3 egg yolks, slightly beaten
  • Grated peel of 1 or more lemons (I went for 2)
  • 2 tablespoons soft butte

Meringue Ingredients

  • 3 egg whites
  • Pinch of cream of tartar
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 350┬░F.  Combine sugar and corn starch in a medium saucepan.  Gradually stir in water, lemon zest, and lemon juice until smooth.  Stir in egg yolks.
  2. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly, and boil for 1 minute.  Mixture will thicken and become a bit goopy in texture.  Remove from heat.  Stir in butter.
  3. poon hot filling into completely baked pie crust.  The crust can be hot, it won't affect the filling.
  4. Beat egg whites and cream of tartar in a small bowl with a mixer on high speed until foamy.  Gradually beat in remaining sugar.  Continue beating until stiff peaks form.  Beat in vanilla extract.
  5. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until richly golden, with the tips of the peaks really dark if desired.  Cool on a wire rack at room temperature or 30 minutes.  Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before serving.
Lemon Meringue Pie


Tori Praver x Target

We've been fans of Tori Praver's swimwear for some time now.  The silhouettes are always stunning, with cutouts that compliment your curves and luxuriously soft fabrics.  They can definitely get a bit cheeky, but a little skin in tropical paradise never hurt anyone.  And with prints like that, we'd bare it.

When we heard that the brand collaborated with Target, our minds just about exploded.  WE WANT THEM ALL!  And at those prices we can have fun all summer long. The Seafoam Collection comes out mid April so keep an eye out cause these goodies are going to sell fast.

Tori Praver Seafoam


Spring Makeup Refresh

With April upon us (and all that is lovely about springtime coming with it) we decided it was time to update our makeup drawer.  Picnics in the park, nighttime dinners on the deck, and definitely more teatime with the girls, have us craving a few new pieces as we gear up for the season.

From left:  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Power, Sigma Brush, Nars Eye Paint, Nars Eye Shadow Duo

From left:  Hourglass Ambient Lighting Power, Sigma Brush, Nars Eye Paint, Nars Eye Shadow Duo

  • Hourglass Ambient Powder in Luminous Light:  This powder compact is definitely pricey, but wow.  It has a cult following for a reason!  Photoluminescent technology works to refine and diffuse harsh light, making this finishing powder a go-to if you need to be camera ready.  We applied it as a highlighter, brushing it onto the inner triangle of our face and cheekbones.  
  • Nars Eye Paint in Porto Venere:  As soon as we saw Tilda Swinton modeling this color for spring, we had to have it.  This neautralizing pink hue is incredibly soft and dries quickly, making it easy to bulk up color.  We love the subtle hint of shimmer, too.
  • Nars Eyeshadow Duo in St. Paul-De-Vence:  This warm nectarine duo is rich without being too dramatic or too glittery.  The more matte brown makes for a perfect neutral base while the peachy-rose adds a touch of shimmer that catches light every-so-nicely.  Definitely subtle, but great for an everyday, on-the-go makeup routine.
  • Sigma E35 Tapered Blending Blush:  Beauty gurus on Youtube swear by these brushes so it was time for us to give Sigma a try.  We were not disappointed!  With a totally reasonable price tag of $16 we were impressed by the quality and softness of the bristles.  This brush is ideal for blending colors together.
Spring Makeup Refresh

And...voila!  The look is very natural, a delicate cat eye with sweet shimmer catching the sun.  We thought it would be fun to show you how different these products look on the two of us.  The eye shadow resonates a more peachy tone on Annie and more rosegold on Celene.  But that lighting powder?  Honey, yes please.  It has us looking lit from within!

Spring Makeup Refresh


When it comes to baking of any kind, my aunt Wendy is my go to resource.  Beyond understanding the science of these sweet treats, she has a curiosity for food that is totally infectious.  She wrote to me that she realized she loved cake the moment she read Harriet the Spy when she was 10 years old, "Everyday at three-forty she had cake and milk.  Harriet loved doing everything every day the in the same way."  

This recipe hails from a few decades back and was a staple in any groovy 70's kitchen.  The point was to mix and match different jello flavors with totally psychedelic colors.  You could swing for orange cake with orange icing, pineapple yellow with lemon frosting, or even blue raspberry with lime glaze.  

Now, adding jello to anything is usually kinda gross in my opinion.  But the bright color combos and dash of liquer make this cake something special.  Be forewarned, it is outrageously sweet.  So sugary in fact that I highly recommend a cup of black, black tea as a complement.  And definitely put on some tunes cause you will ride this sugar high for quite sometime.  Maybe even make space for a dance off?

Yeah, baby!

Cake:  dump all in a bowl and beat with a mixer for about 4 minutes.  Pour into a greased and floured Bundt pan and bake at 350 degrees for 40-55 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out clean.

4 eggs

2 cups sugar

2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

1 stick unsalted butter, melted

1 small box (3 oz.) raspberry jello

1/2 cup Chambord Raspberry Liquer

2 tablespoons Vodka

3/4 cup frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed

Grated zest of 1 orange

Glaze:  while the cake is baking, mix up the glaze so it has time to stand and thicken.  Whisk together ingredients and add an additional teaspoon of orange juice concentrate if needed.  Be careful not to add too much moisture, this glaze should not be runny.  Allow to stand for 30 minutes.

2 cups powdered sugar

2 teaspoons Vodka

2 teaspoons Chambord Raspberry Liquer

2 teaspoons frozen concentrated orange juice, thawed

Grated zest of 1 orange


Lucky for me, my friends at Tata Harper were nice enough to send me some of their amazing natural skincare. I've been seriously fixated on this brand for a few years. Their mission is simple: to provide totally natural, totally wholesome, and totally effective skincare. The results are simply stunning: luscious, heavenly scented formulas that really do so much more than I ever thought a 100% natural skincare product could. 

Regenerating Cleanser: This grainy face wash is one of my all-time favorite scrubby wubby washes. You apply it dry and the tiny little granules go to work on dry skin. Like all of Tata's products, it smells herby and delish. I expected to fly through this bottle, but you need surprisingly little of the little scrub to get the job done. 

Rejuvenating Serum: Holy Moly Puddin' Pie! This is the shit you guys. Lightweight, almost lotion-like, spa-smelling, face-plumping amazingness. It's so hydrating that my paper-dry skin hardly even needs moisturizer on top. I've noticed it has even reduced blackheads, pore size, and some of the discoloration I have along my cheekbones that has me reaching for tinted moisturizer every morning. It's a hefty price tag no doubt. Can I promise I'll be able to fork over the $$$ for this after I run out? No, but I will forever mourn its loss once it's done. 

Beautifying Face Oil: Real talk: I used to work for the queen of face oils, so it's pretty hard to impress me when it comes to a little lipid liquid. This blend is nice--lightweight, fast-absorbing, and gives me the sort of greasy glow I've come to love. Do I feel that it is superior to any other face oil on the market? Maybe not. In truth, pure jojoba oil for $8 from Whole Foods is usually just fine for me. 

All in all, I'm totally blown away by these elixirs. Sure, the lime green and yellow vibe is not really my groove, but everything else is so on point that these little guys are going to the top of my skin recommendation list. If you've got big money and big desire for dope skin, get it!