Lise Water Eyeliner

I have searched high and low for a long wearing eye liner - and I don't mean just any black liner.  I want it to stay put on my water line, people!

I finally ended up at Naimie's Beauty Center and stumbled across the answer.  Behold: Lise Watier Eyeliner.  This stuff is no joke long lasting and stays put on my eyeballs all day and all night.  No more awkward reapplying in the bathroom (because, yes, I used to do that).  I picked up their waterproof black for a test run, but seeing as I am so happy with the results I am in the market for another.  Because...fall is coming up?  And buying new makeup is fun?  

Happy Monday and cheers to a great week ahead!


One of the new Larkspur Company logos. Is it not the most beauteous thing in the world? 

One of the new Larkspur Company logos. Is it not the most beauteous thing in the world? 

Dear Wild, Fierce, Gentle Readers:

You guys have to forgive us. Our posting has been a little sporadic, mainly because we're in the final stretch of the most exciting project of our lives. 

When we launched Larkspur Company over 2 years ago, we desperately wanted to create a space where likeminded babes could explore all the topics in mind, body, and spirit that had our heads spinning. Since our inception, we've written about everything from birth control to herbal remedies to staying zen when everything around you feels whackadoo. It's been the most rewarding outlet and we're constantly surprised and overjoyed when we meet someone who's been affected by something we've written. 

Looking ahead, we knew we had to push Larkspur Company into a new phase. We had to turn it into something bigger and more powerful than just a blog. We had to extend our reach beyond the confines of our minds and out into the world.  We had to grow our community. We had to make money (let's be real.) So how could we make our mind, body, and spirit mission tangible, purchase-able, give-able? 

A wee sneak peek of one of the items that will be on the  new site. 

A wee sneak peek of one of the items that will be on the  new site. 

We're launching e-commerce!!!!!!! We have huge goals for Larkspur Company, but we're starting small by expanding into a digital shop where you can discover amazing products meant to enrich and nourish your blossoming mind, your strong bod, and your transcendent spirit. We'll continue to pump out bigger, better, and more inspirational content. We have a lot more to share (there's something special about the brands and products we're carrying,) but we want to keep a few secrets to ourselves until we launch. In the meantime, we'd be beyond honored if you'd sign up for our email list so we can let you know when we go LIVE!

We're feeling hopeful and powerful and kick-ass! We can't wait to share more. 


Annie & Celene


My most recent downloads...

My most recent downloads...

Happy Monday, readers!  It's hard to believe that Annie and I are jumping into the middle of August already.  This summer is flying by!

Last week we were busy working on new projects for Larkspur 2.0 with our ever-favorite intern, Lenea.  As we sat in traffic together we got to talking about music and personality.  Mainly, that musical preference reveals a lot about a person. For me, scrolling through someone's iTunes library feels a bit like glancing into their bathroom cabinet.  Is it messy or orderly?  Are they hoarders or minimalists?  Do they keep their bottles clean and fresh or is everything a bit grimy?  Taking a peek into a person's musical innerworld is one of the most direct ways of getting to know who they are underneath it all.

So what does my iTunes library reveal about me?  You (and I) would first come to terms with how many times I listen to the same song.  And I mean a lot.  Sometimes I listen to the same album for six hours straight on my drive to my parent's house.  When I find a track I love - whose poetry speaks to my soul and makes my ears ring - I listen to it until I have every word, melody, and beat is memorized.  I play it over and over again until it has become a part of my being.  The album on repeat as of late?  Fink's album, Hard Believer.  

You would also learn I have a big thing for acoustic and folk music.  Sure, splattered in there is Beyonce and a bit of Placebo and my middle school favorite, Creed (yes, I know).  But on the whole my musical taste is more subdued and sleepy.  The soundtrack that plays to my personality would be great for a rainy day, long drives out in the open, or relaxing on the beach as the sun sets.  

So...what does your iTunes library reveal about you?


We're all adults here, so it's time to admit that peas can actually be delicious. I'm not talking the frozen, mushy, grey peas of your childhood. I'm talking fresh English peas lightly blanched. I actually created this recipe completely from scratch. Usually I'm a recipe thief, absconding with other people's culinary inspiration and bastardizing it until it satisfies my particular palette. But this. This is ALL me. Ok now I'm bragging a little bit. Once you taste this delicious thing, you'll know why. Also, naysayers: yes, a salad is still a salad if it has a schmear of ricotta on the bottom. All salad should have cheese you silly pea-ons! 


1 cup fresh English peas

8 baby yellow potatoes, sliced

2 Persian cucumbers, quartered and diced

2/3 cup fresh ricotta cheese

1/4 cup fresh mint, chopped

1/2 cup microcgreens

1 large lemon

Olive oil

Maldon sea salt


Bring a pot of water to boil, and add peas. Cook for 1-2 minutes until peas just darken in color. Drain and plunge immediately into a bath of ice water (heavy on the ice.) Add potatoes to a pot and cover with water. Salt generously. Bring to a boil and cook until potatoes are fork tender. Drain and cover with ice to stop the cooking. 

Spread ricotta cheese on the bottom of your serving platter with the back of a spoon. Zest 1/2 of lemon on top of the cheese. Layer cooked potatoes, cucumbers, and peas on top of the cheese. Sprinkle mint evenly over the plate. Add a pile of to the center of the plate. Zest the other 1/2 of lemon on top of the whole plate, and then squeeze the juice from 1/2 of lemon over the dish. Generously drizzle with olive oil and top with Maldon sea salt. Serve with crusty bread. 


Happy Monday, readers!  To kick off this week I wanted to take a minute and introduce you to an awesome new podcast I stumbled across: WTF with Marc Maron.  I first heard about this series from my neighborhood USPS mailman.  We got to talking about Radiolab oddly enough, which is my all-time favorite podcast, when he mentioned that a local comedian just interviewed the president for a show he hosts in his garage.  That's right, folks, THE PRESIDENT.  IN HIGHLAND PARK.  WHICH IS, LIKE, EXTREMELY CLOSE TO MY HOUSE.

I experienced a definite freakout.  The idea that Mr. Barack was cruising around my neighborhood, to hang in some comedian's garage pretty much blew my mind.  Even more interesting was that Obama stopped by to talk about anything and everything; to share stories about his life experience and who he is as a person.  I was so curious - who is the guy behind that big red, white, and blue curtain?  You know, really?!?

Maron's interview did not disappoint.  As a host, he asks interesting, provocative questions without hesitation.  The conversation was honest and open.  Out of nowhere Obama was human, with feelings and life experiences just like me.  On top of everything, what he had to say about racism and the current social climate in America made me stop and think.  I felt afraid, passionate, and connected all at once.

If you are looking for a great listen on your next drive, I highly recommend giving WTF a go.  I love that Maron sits back and allows conversation to flow as it will.  He is not tied to some script, so you get to enjoy every awkward pause and goofy digression.  I followed up Mr. Obama with an interview between Maron and Sir Ian McClellan (aka Gandalf).  It was amazing, 'nuff said.