Buying natural oils, body butters, beauty balms, and the like in bulk at reasonable prices is tricky. With places like Whole Foods overcharging for Argan oil, I have felt a bit defeated by inflated sticker prices and questionable ingredients.

Lucky for me a close friend recommended One Love Refill Station up by my parents' house.  Adriana Diiorio, the shop owner, set out to change the way we shop for soap.  Stocking only natural, chemical free and additive free goods, Adriana's mission is to save the planet one refill at a time.  All you need is an empty bottle!  Not only are you buying at fair prices, but you are saving the planet by recycling and reusing.  From laundry detergent to pet soap to giant bottles of rose hip oil, One Love has an impressive and comprehensive selection.  Plus, Adriana is a fountain of information.  She really loves her work and that spirit is imbued in every bottle, every bar, all over the shop.

While I was in I picked up a few homemade remedies for myself.  The first was a Cinnamon Cellulite Body Bar which I've been testing for the past couple of weeks.  This stick definitely increases circulation and deeply moisturizes, win win in my book.  I am also loving the Tiger Stripe Butter bar. This one nourishes and hydrates my skin unlike any lotion I've used.  What I love most is that the ingredients are simple and the results are obvious.  There's no extra fluff in the packaging or in the recipe.  It's just good stuff that's good for me and good for our planet.

Next time I am in town I will be picking up a recipe for a homemade mud mask and body oil blend!


What's sweet and fruity and real good for you? Elderberry syrup! Made from the sweet, dark purple berries of the elder tree, elderberry syrup has been used for centuries in Europe as a tonic to battle everything from colds to  infections. Elderberries are full of potent flavonoid compounds, called anthocyanins which contribute to boosting the immune system. Try adding a splash of syrup to some mineral water for a tasty, sweet, soda-like drink. 

What other fun stuff do you need to know about this? Elder trees were so valuable in medieval Europe that there's tons of folklore surrounding their treatment. Witchy folk believed that cutting down the elder and using it for firewood was a grave discretion. One folk rhyme goes: "Elder be ye Lady's tree, burn it not or cursed ye'll be." If you did make the mistake of cutting down the tree, a spooky creature called the Elder Mother would come out and mess you up. When harvesting elderberries or cutting the tree, it was important to do a little chant to the Elder Mother to placate her menacing, vengeful ways. She didn't want to give her amazing antioxidant powers to just anybody after all! 


Have you seen this badass new campaign out of the UK?  Sports England, a government-funded organization has launched a campaign called “This Girl Can” to encourage women to break a sweat, no matter what their body type or physical ability. According to their research, Sports England discovered that for many women, fear of judgement and insecurity about how they look while engaging in physical exercise is a main factor in their decision NOT to work out. 

The message of this video is one that snuck up on me a few days after I first watched it. By most measures, I'm not lacking in body confidence. I feel pretty good about myself and my body most of the time! But my lack of athleticism, rhythm, and body awareness is something that I've always been not-so-secretly embarrassed by. So embarrassed that I've purposefully made my lack of athletic ability a running joke with friends. Talk about defense mechanism! If I make fun of myself first no one can call me a "weird runner," right? If I say "Working out isn't really my thing," no one will invite me to try a Zumba class where I fall on my butt or get the steps totally wrong.

Truthfully, I don't work out that often. And when I do, it's usually just with my dog, who thinks everything I do is magical and awesome. Maybe if I take the time to let the message of this campaign truly sit with me, I won't hold myself back from trying something I might end up really loving. Because really, everybody looks kind of beast-mode awesome when they work out. Just watch the video if you don't believe me. The female body is stupendous. Even yours. Even mine.  




Alouette Sale & New Frontiers

With the two year anniversary of Larkspur Company on the horizon, we have been doing a lot of soul searching for this little community we created.  Annie and I have grown up quite a bit in the time that has passed.  Our lives have changed dramatically in almost every way.  From quitting jobs to welcoming puppies to considering the women we were/are/want to be.  A lot of this self-discovery happened as a result of this blog.

What began as a fun side project between two friends transformed into a bigger catalyst.  Whenever and wherever, we are absorbing experiences to share with all of you, readers. This impetus for new adventure and exchange of information has become a true purpose in our lives.  The dialogue we set out to start has become real.  And that is unbelievably empowering.

So what's in store?  Larkspur will be evolving into a more dynamic and interactive space, with the content you expect and then some.  What we will say for now is that we are making room for the new and celebrating, in the meantime, all the steps that got us to this very exciting transition...

With that said, Alouette Company, an e-commerce site and pop up shop we launched, will also be changing shape.  In celebration of this change, we are offering 40% off all full-priced merchandise online.  There are some serious steals so be sure to take a look.  

Can't wait to share more.  Have a fantastic weekend!



Another all-time favorite, the Feathers Bra by Natori.  This is hands down the best fitting bra we have seen!




Hunting down our top pick for cozy knits is a tall order, especially because we consider ourselves experts on all things soft and comfy.  But when we ran into Asher Market, it was love at first sight (and yes, feel).  Between extra cuddly blankets and throws to classic ponchos with geometric prints, the selection is classically on point and the quality impeccable.  Not to mention the founders are sisters and bffs, which makes for an entrepreneurial story we can totally get behind.  With Valentine's Day in the foreseeable future we definitely added a few things to our wish list.  Keeping warm never looked so good!