I have really really dry skin. Even when I breakout, my skin is still parched. I slather on heavy creams and oils--anything to make my skin a little more supple and a little less like an evil desert wasteland controlled by a moisture-hating sorcerer. (Can you tell I am a little dramatic about my skin?) Celene, on the other hand, has the opposite problem: rich, heavy creams don't agree with her, causing little bumps that drive her loco. So when we discovered that there was an ingredient that we both could agree on loving, we had to share.

Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in your skin. It helps attract moisture from the air into the skin, preventing dehydration and adding a little plump action. I love it because it makes the effects of my moisturizer last longer. Celene loves it because it usually comes in a lightweight gel that doesn't mess with her pores, like this product from Dermalogica, or this one from Epicuren. Despite having "acid" in the name, which would ordinarily have me running for the hills, it's quite gentle and won't make your skin red or angry. I apply a thin layer after my rich moisturizer; Celene uses hers alone or with a lightweight lotion on days she's feeling dry. 


Winter Light

Early nightfall these days have given way to some seriously gorgeous sunsets.  This end of day light has been incredibly inspiring and particularly fun to shoot with.  We snapped this series in Northern California at Celene's Dad's house.  We love the deep tones of this blouse (which is technically part of a silk pajama set!) and the rich lip color.  Perfect for a winter day and a night out on the town.

Winter Light
Winter Light


Geranium Oil

I spent the past weekend with quite the case of the sniffles.  What perhaps made it even worse is that I'm not entirely sure it was a cold, but my first run in with seasonal allergies. I have laughed hard and often at friends during massive sneeze attacks (you know who you are).  I come away from the weekend with understanding and empathy, for I now have felt your misery as well.

My itchy nose reminded me of a new tip I heard from a friend up north.  Geranium oil, when rubbed on the arch of the foot, can help soothe allergies.  What the what?  Feels a bit witchy but, hey!  Why not?  Off to make a quick purchase then a foot rub.  No more sneezing, wahoo!  Readers, have any of you heard of this trick?  


What can we say? We love a good slouchy tee. We like to add a bra with some vintage flair in a seriously unexpected shade. This unique style from Mimi Holliday has the comfy cups of a t-shirt bra, with unique honeycomb lace straps. Sure, our grandmas might not approve of showing quite this much lace, but we think it's a fresh and modern way to liven up an off-the-shoulder basic with some cool sex appeal. 


Being one half of a creative pair myself, I can tell you first hand how invaluable it is to have a partner in the pursuit of creative work. Celene has qualities that I totally lack, and together, we make up for one another's shortcomings. Our brainstorms together are always more fruitful than the ones we have apart. When we are dreaming up new business ideas, or subjects for the blog, it's hard to remember who even came up with what. 

In his book Powers of Two, Joshua Wolf Shenk explores the dynamics between some of history's most powerful duos: Lennon and McCartney, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Marie and Pierre Curie, just to name a few. The book deep dives into the power dynamics, creative mind meld, and role reversals that occur when two separately creative people come together to innovate and create together. Shenk explores paradigms that he believes help illuminate the interactions between duos. The result? A fascinating read. While I myself had a hard time finding Celene and I in some of the more intense duos (like Vincent and Theo van Gogh), it was overall illuminating to begin to understand how two minds really are better than one.